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From the Desk of The Pastor

We praise and thank God for this Lenten Season in the life of the church, and what it means to us individually and collectively.  As we move into the fourth week of Lent, we find ourselves at the “half-way mark”.  It is at this point in the journey when it is easy to lose focus on the task before us. I encourage each of you to continue to examine your spiritual lives, to reflect on your commitment to discipleship and to seek God for his wisdom and his guidance.

We praise and thank God for Our Lenten Mid-Week worship series.  It is one of the ways we engage in the spiritual discipline which is Lent.  We are grateful for Rev. Derrick Amison, a son of this congregation, who shared the work of God with us last Wednesday.

Finally, we would like to welcome all of our visitors. We are glad that you are worshiping with us today, and we are blessed by your presence. If you are in need of a church home, or a new church home, please prayerfully consider Bethel. I would love to be your pastor, and we would love to be your church family. Following the morning message, there will be an invitation for those who wish to join our family of faith.


Rev. Mashod A. Evans Sr.

Servant of God