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Campus Outreach


BETHEL’s CAMPUS OUTREACH MINISTRY – serves as a source of community and Christian fellowship for undergraduate and graduate students of all educational disciplines and religious denominations, at College and University campuses in the Ann Arbor Area. Members of the organization strive to nurture and strengthen the students’ personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the teaching and discussion of His word, and activities that encourage fellowship.


Children’s Ministry



The goal of children’s ministry is to lead children toward knowing and accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. To achieve this goal, we emphasize the following five areas:

Formal instruction, such as occurs in children’s church classes.

Informal instruction, in activities such as summer sports programs, and in the emotional atmosphere involved in all activities.

Service opportunities, in which children and volunteers become involved in serving the community and church members.

Adult Christian examples, in which children learn by seeing. Children see how adults interact with children, how they interact with other adults, and how they relate to God.

Service and support for the parents. By offering children weekly religious instruction, we also free parents to participate fully in the adult worship service.


Drama Ministry



The Bethel Drama Ministry seeks to spread the word of God artistically.  Bible-based dramatizations and other creative performances to engage music, dance, and more. Involvement in this ministry provides men and women, adults and youth alike with wonderful opportunities to use and refine their gifts while ministering the love, hope, and faithfulness of Jesus Christ.


No acting experience necessary—just bring a willing and committed spirit!